SUP Board

Before you buy your very first SUP board, our aim is to give you as much information as we can to help you with your decision making process. To find the right board for you, you will need to consider:

  1. The board’s weight
  2. The board’s volume
  3. The board’s capacity
  4. The board’s size
  5. The board’s usage

Mainly, there are 2 different type of boards – the 12’6”, 10’6″and the 10’. Depending on your paddling needs, these boards can come in different forms – for SUP Surfing, SUP Racing or simply just to help you get started on SUP.

Other factors that you need to consider before purchasing your board are:

  1. Beginners or anyone seeking a relaxed outing on an SUP, a 10’ to 12’ long board would be sufficient for cruising.
  2. Long boards are faster than short boards. If you’re keen on SUP racing, a board between the size of 12’6” to 14’ will be ideal.
  3. Those of you who are experienced surfers, you may just require a short board as it allows you with more manoeuvrability.
  4. Lastly, do consider your board length in relation to your storage space, type of car and the distance it may take you to walk between your car to the beach while carrying the SUP board.

Moving forward, have a read in our next 2 sub-sections on the different makes of SUP boards – the Inflatable SUP and the Hard board SUP. Also check our guidelines on choosing the right SUP Paddle.

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